• Ready for a cocktail party !?

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How to make every drink world-class

We share the same passion

As you, we are passionate and enthousiast ! My Private Cellar is always looking to provide the best equipment for our customers, including restaurants, furniture stores and amateurs. Each one is enthusiast to have the right accessories for every occasion. The mutual objectif is to be prepared to make the degustation a unique moment. Whether it is for a cocktail, wine or champagne tasting, you need to be all set !

"I need to buy better accesories so they can sit in my personal bame I found on My Private Cellar all the goods for my hone"


"I need to buy better accessories to decorate my brand new bar and kitchen"


Need more Accessories ?

No worries, we have many other products such as custom cocktail or degustation glass, ice maker, corkscrew, shakers and even kitchen tools for you ! 

Discover our selection

Looking for something special ? We have a large range of product, just check below. If you don't find the right one, contact us on facebook through "Message Us" button, yes the blue one !